What can guys do to tackle male sexual entitlement?

There are a lot of things guys can do to help prevent men taking things too far around women when it comes to dodgy “banter” and behaviour.

Check out these tips for tackling the male sexual entitlement that puts men at risk of offending and makes women feel unsafe.

Look in the mirror

Look at your own behaviour around women. Can you do better?

Most men don’t look in the mirror and see a problem but most women have been sexually harrassed or assaulted at some point in their lives.

Never assume she’s thinking what you’re thinking.

Don’t talk trash about women


It’s okay to talk about women you like with your mates, but talking about them in a way that’s demeaning contributes to a culture that harms women.

You might not sexually assault women, but the way you speak might be giving permission to a guy who does.

Personal space


Be aware of the physical space you take up in public – on transport, in bars, cafes, shops and especially in the street.

Could you be making somone feel unsafe by being too close?

Leave some room for people to feel safe.

Be an ally to women and girls


Be an ally and help to end street harassment. A simple way to do this is not to harass women yourself and to learn about the eveyday things women face that guys don’t.

Most guys get this. Get used to challenging the others who don’t.

Tips on being an ally to women from Young Scot

Start the conversation


Talk to other men about male sexual entitlement. Don’t be surprised when you find friends who support your views.

Many guys want to talk about it and be part of the solution.

Be the first one who does.

You can find advice and information on the Police Scotland website
Call Police Scotland on 101 or contact the Rape Crisis Scotland national helpline for free on 08088 01 03 02 (daily 5pm-12 midnight).
In an emergency always call 999.

Thanks to contributor Graham Goulden.