Football manager tips on how to have a word with a mate

Martin Rennie is a Scottish football manager who has coached teams across the world, including MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps FC in Canada and Scottish League One side Falkirk.

We asked Martin about man management and how using those tips off the pitch, you can help prevent a mate doing something they regret when it comes to their behaviour around women.


I’m Martin Rennie, I’m a football manager, I’ve managed all over the world, in America, Canada, Korea and also in Scotland in Falkirk where I’m from.

Question: What are your tips for having a word with a mate?

As you get to know players and once you spend time with them you can start to help them maybe see why they’re reacting to things in the way that they are reacting, or why they’re showing certain behaviours in certain situations

Once people understand some of that then then they’re more likely to be able to change their behaviour, because I don’t think it’s just a case of saying hey you shouldn’t do that, don’t do that again.

A lot of times people already know that certain behaviours are not ones they should be exhibiting but when they understand maybe more of why they’re doing it and why they shouldn’t be doing those things then there’s a better chance that they can change their behaviour and you can see progress and you can see development.

I’ve worked with loads of players where you just, it’s really a source of pride to look back on how much they’ve grown as people and how much they’ve developed as people, and you remember what they were like when you first started working with them and then you see what they’re like now and some of them then you see what they’re like years later after they are no longer playing and you see what they’re doing in their life, and you see their family and the impact they’re having on their

Everybody’s got a lot of potential to grow but you know we all need help from our friends, we all need help from our teammates and also trying to find some
maybe older people or wiser people who know things that we don’t know or who have
walked a road that we haven’t walked yet, or how have had similar struggles that we’ve had, but then have been able to find the answers to those, and been able to move forward and move through those things, then those are great people to help those who need help.

They understand and they’re able to provide good feedback and hopefully a pathway towards becoming the person they were created to be.